Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dubai Freight and Trade Organisations Discuss Alliance

Intentions That Cooperation Will Strengthen Logistics Industries
Shipping News Feature

DUBAI – In discussions recently two of Dubai’s foremost trade bodies have indicated their intention to form an alliance that will see both of their respective strengths combined in order to further enforce Dubai’s competitiveness both in the Gulf’s and Global freight and logistics industries.

The National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL), a government-mandated organization that unites the major players in the freight forwarding, logistics, and shipping industries in the UAE, has opened talks with trade facilitation entity Dubai Trade in order to combine their efforts in shared fields that have direct impact on the local freight forwarding community, such as training, risk financing and e-payment.

By combining their efforts both the NAFL and Dubai Trade state that they can further improve and develop the freight forwarding industry in Dubai which in turn will assist trade and stimulate additional growth.

“The recent global economic crisis prompted mergers, affiliations, and alliances among companies and organizations, which ultimately signifies the need to work together,” said Mahmood Al Bastaki, Director of Dubai Trade.

“To synergize with organizations such as the NAFL is one step to promote teamwork among various entities that will lead to advancement in the freight and logistics industries.”

(pic: Shown in photo are (left to right) Shahab Al Jassmi, Senior Manager, Dubai Trade; David Phillips, NAFL Executive Board Member and CEO of Freight Systems Company Ltd.; Mahmood Al Bastaki, Director of Dubai Trade; Ashok Thomas, NAFL Executive Board Member and Managing Director at FedEx Trade Networks; and Salim Ahmed Khan, Client Relations Manager, Dubai Trade.)