Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Drone Monitoring of Fuel Sulphur Content via Emissions Becomes a Reality

Merchant Vessel Operators Can Now Utilise Airborne Technology
Shipping News Feature
FINLAND – SPAIN – PORTUGAL – WORLDWIDE – So how do you go about measuring the harmful emissions from ships, even if the vessel operator may not want you to? With the soon to be mandatory Sulphur Cap regulations fast approaching the answer lies in drone technology, and now Finnish company Aeromon has announced the launch, literally, of its first commercially available Fuel Sulphur Content measurement solution, a device carried via an aerial fixed wing or rotary drone.

As from now operators in a range of industries will be able to map fugitive emissions across a wide range of land-based and maritime locations, including those that have been traditionally difficult to access. Shipments of the technology are scheduled to begin by the end of February, with the company’s first distributor already in place for Spain and Portugal.

Aeromon’s modular BH-12 emissions measuring device can easily switch between airborne, hand-held and fixed configurations. The modular device enclosure can be configured to measure and visualise more than 70 different types of gases and particulate matter. Aeromon’s cloud service makes adjustments for local weather conditions, mapping potential leakage points and fugitive emissions hotspots on visualised maps of the monitoring areas.

Trials of the equipment have been underway in real life situations and now the technology is being made accessible to all. Aeromon CEO Teppo Virkkula says the devices will enable ship operators to select an emissions measuring solution with the cost point and operational capabilities they need to truly understand how their actions impact the environment. He continues:

“Our solution is already being used by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) to monitor maritime ships’ fuel sulphur content. We want to give industry the tools it needs to take control of fugitive emissions. We have invested significant time into building a completely new solution supported by a robust supply chain, partner network and distribution channels that can scale with future demand. We are ready to help industry tackle the challenge of fugitive emissions for the long-term.”

Aeromon is working with Izasa Scientific in Spain and Portugal for the distribution of the product and Juan Carlos Cuchillo, its Division Manager Analytica & Environmental, commented:

”We want to provide our customers with the best possible products and services to fulfil their current and future needs. We have noticed increasing demand for emissions monitoring in our market and we were impressed by the new capabilities that Aeromon solution provides. We were happy to partner with Aeromon.”