Friday, July 2, 2010

DP World Choose Liebherr Speciality Crane For Antwerp Multi Modal Port Operations

Portal Slewing Crane Fulfils Tricky Cargo Handling Requirements
Shipping News Feature

BELGIUM – Liebherr have just released details of the speciality harbour crane commissioned from them by DP World in March to service the particular needs of their multi modal break bulk facility in the Port of Antwerp. The Liebherr Portal Slewing Crane (LPS) is an efficient combination of a space-saving portal (rail mounted) and the proven mobile harbour crane concept. Particularly on narrow quays, individual portal solutions permit rail freight trains and road trucks to travel directly below the portal.

The portal, tailored exactly to the infrastructure requirements of the customer, has a rail span of 11 meters, enough space to let pass two trains next to each other under the crane. This design offers unprecedented ease of operation in a full range of general cargo applications and coupled with a lifting capability of up to 104 tons and a maximum outreach of 51 metres the design makes it ideal for transhipments at intermodal terminals like DP World’s Antwerp facility.

In addition to the on-board diesel-hydraulic power transmission system the crane was equipped with an electric motor and a 800 metre cable to offer the customer the option to operate the crane from the land based high voltage network in addition to the standard modus operandi utilising the units own power.

The Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes are also the only cranes among its competitors to offer a synchronizing crane control system. This sophisticated software called Sycratronic® allows two Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes to be operated simultaneously by one crane driver for improved crane operation, speed and safety. Before the final handover the LPS 500 model had to pass a 48-hours endurance test. The obligatory technical requirements of DP World demanded a 98%-reliability.

Robby Van Bunder, Technical Manager of DP World Antwerp, commented:

“We had not one second of downtime in 48 hours, this was the best equipment performance test we ever had.”

DP World is one of the leading general cargo stevedores in the Port of Antwerp handling a multitude of different cargoes ranging from steel goods and vehicles to fruit and agricultural and forest products. Such diversity in a comparatively narrow environment demanded a speciality solution which the LPS provides for such a range of general freight items.