Monday, September 13, 2010

Double Deal For Damco Supply Chain Logistics Solutions

Two Global Brands Sign Up with Maersk Subsidiary
Shipping News Feature

US – This month saw two prestigious contracts confirmed for AP Moller Maersk logistics arm Damco. The company had Lockheed Martin sign a new multi-year contract to model a supply network for the F-35 to ensure Lockheed Martin have full and key information on cost, lead-time, capacity, and reliability for transportation routing and warehousing. This data enables informed decisions on routings that present an optimal balance of cost and risk to enable effective transition from design to operations.

Lockheed Martin Corporation and Damco have formed a broader cooperative alliance to collaborate on joint business pursuits across a diverse business segments range also involving other business units within the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. A Memorandum of Understanding establishes a collaborative business arrangement for the purpose of identifying and analysing potential business opportunities that will leverage their capabilities, assets, and worldwide infrastructure in the defence, logistics and transportation market sectors.

 “Lockheed Martin is entering into this strategic relationship with Damco/Maersk to improve customer support and to extend our combined, award-winning logistics capabilities to new customers,”

said Lou Kratz, Lockheed Martin Vice President, Logistics & Sustainment.

“Together, our goal is to offer high-quality technological global delivery system solutions that benefit our customers and partners. Lockheed Martin’s continued success is predicated on building strong global partnerships, and we are eager to be expanding our relationship with Damco.”

In a second negotiation Damco announced a study commissioned by Puma North America to map the carbon footprint of its Sportlifestyle brand’s supply chain operations into North America. Puma is internationally known as both a sports and fashion company and is committed to an ethical approach to business.

The study will track Puma North America’s carbon emissions generated through product delivery cycles over a one year period. The data will be monitored from the point of cargo ownership at foreign ports to the US, through the distribution centres to customer warehouses and store locations. It will encapsulate all transportation modes including ocean, air and road freight.

In addition, Damco will provide a new product offering, the Supply Chain Dashboard which will allow Puma North America to monitor their emissions more proactively over the remainder of the year, and into 2011.This study is part of Puma’s overall five-year target of reducing carbon, energy, water consumption and waste by 25% by the year 2015.

Puma North America plans to incorporate the use of solar panels to store energy to power their LA based warehouse facility. Their aspiration is to take the facility 100% off the grid. To further reduce their carbon footprint the warehouse is using electric and propane based machinery, with significantly less emissions than their diesel counterparts.

Marc Heeren, Senior Director, Supply Chain Development, North America at Damco said:

“Puma North America’s decision to cooperate with Damco on Green Logistics is an excellent example of companies leading the way towards increasing transparency and common understanding of supply chain related carbon emissions. We look forward to working jointly to identify Carbon Hotspots in their supply chain and create opportunities to take action to reduce carbon emissions and deliver on CSR strategies.”