Thursday, August 28, 2014

Domestic Freight Operator Moves into Forwarding and International Logistics

Expansion of Services Down to Customer Demands
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – A sign of rising confidence can always be detected in the logistics sector before signs tend to be noticed in industry as a whole, and one Midlands based group has recently expanded from a domestic British courier, delivery and warehouse service supplier into a international freight forwarding player.

Solihull headquartered AYS Logistics says it has expanded its services in line with customer demand and is now providing international services around the globe. Utilising its own extensive warehouse facilities as a hub AYS is now able to offer international deliveries on a time-critical or standard delivery basis whilst also offering free shipment tracking and informing customers when a consignment arrives at its destination through text, phone and online notifications.

Historically the company has always met customers’ international delivery requirements on an individual basis but in the past few months the company has diversified to provide a number of deliveries overseas, exporting bone china crockery to Mexico, France and the Caribbean, recycled waste to Denmark, and even watches to Switzerland. The company has also enabled clients to import barbecue briquettes from Holland, silver cutlery from Turkey and industrial machinery from Holland. Commercial Director, Duncan Foyle, comments:

“We are well placed to provide international delivery services from our headquarters in the Midlands as we are close to all major transport routes in and out of the UK. Through our strategic partner network we are able to deliver on time to countries all over the globe. And thanks to our recent investment in the latest technology, we are also able to notify our customers of the status of their order, at any time.

“It doesn’t matter if a company is shipping parcels or pallets, where they need them to go, or when they need them to arrive, we have the skills and experience to deliver on time, every time. We are always at the service of our customers and will continue to diversify and expand our services in line with customer demand.”