Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Docking Systems A 'Quay' Component to the Freight and Logistics Supply Chain

New Centre of Excellence for Mooring Design Experts
Shipping News Feature

INDIA - Trelleborg Marine Systems is typical of many manufacturers and suppliers so often found in the freight sector where logistics companies often observe, and indeed use, a product essential to the handling of cargo through the supply chain on a daily basis whilst hardly noticing it. The Trelleborg group produces a range of items, mainly based on advanced polymer technology, ranging from damp proofing to wheels but the Marine subsidiary is primarily known for its docking and mooring range which safeguards the hulls of ships as they bump up against quays around the globe.

The regional offices of Trelleborg Marine Systems have in-house engineering capability, providing initial specification and front end applications engineering. The more detailed engineering design, modelling and analysis engineering for projects is then sent to the Indian centre of excellence for progressing forward.

Since 2009, the company’s design and engineering centre has continued to grow and develop in its own right as a resource, not only used in house, but for other product areas within Trelleborg Engineered Systems. Following this development Trelleborg Marine Systems has moved to new premises to centralise and expand its engineering and design centre of excellence in India.

The business in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is split into two areas. The first is the engineering and design support for Trelleborg’s worldwide offices, covering Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Dubai, the USA and Europe. The second business area is regional sales into India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Scott Smith, Regional Director for Trelleborg’s Asia Pacific region, said:

“Having the engineering and design aspects of Trelleborg Marine Systems centralised in this way enables Trelleborg to drive cost efficiencies and improves collaboration to enable cross fertilisation of ideas across their global offices.

“We have very high expectations for the performance of the improved engineering and design centre in Ahmedabad. It is a centre of excellence with a market leading capability and, in our experience so far, it has provided fantastic support to Trelleborg Marine Systems, coupled with a very quick design turnaround. While our competitors choose to outsource their engineering and manufacturing requirements, Trelleborg is investing in a complete cradle to grave service that maintains quality right through the supply chain.”

Photo: Some mooring solutions can be more complicated than others.