Friday, November 19, 2010

Distributors Sought As New Small Electric Cargo Truck Launched In Europe

Low Price and Minimal Running Costs will Appeal to Many
Shipping News Feature

UK – EUROPE – An all electric delivery truck with a 300 mile range and 400 Kg payload for less than £11,000? Probably sounds too good to be true to many freight and trade companies looking for a light duty delivery vehicle for urban use; coupled with the added benefits of no congestion charges in cities such as London, no road fund licence in the UK and ‘fuel’ costs of 2 pence per mile this may be an offer too good to refuse.

Electric scooter supplier Elecscoot have incorporated the company’s proprietary drive line and battery management system (BMS) in the new van named the E – Truck and the company is opening a new 21,000sq ft assembly facility in Consett, County Durham, to produce the E-Truck range. It aims to conduct direct sales to fleets and is looking for dealers to target the end-user market.

Ian Allison, Managing Director of Elecscoot, said:

“I wanted to provide an affordable electric delivery vehicle that I would be happy to drive. The E-Truck is easy to use, easy to maintain and very easy on the wallet. Our electric scooter business has taught us that the best way to provide a fleet-ready vehicle is to have complete control over the drive line and battery management system. We built it, so we know how to provide the best technical support and after-sales service for it.”

The new two seat vehicle can reach 46 mph(74 kph), turn in only 4.5 metres and is available in three configurations with ranges of 112, 180 and 300 miles. The 112 mile version carries 300 kgs and uses lead gel batteries and is priced from just £7,995. The two higher specification vans are powered with lithium polymer batteries and charge in just 4 to 6 hours, carry 350 and 400 kgs and cost less than £10,000 and £11,000 respectively. The E-Truck comes in RHD as standard and LHD is available, for safe kerbside deliveries and has a variety of body styles.

Potential distributors in the UK and EU and fleet enquirers should contact Elecscoot on +44 (0) 1207 502599 or email