Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Digital Monitoring of Truck Tyres Improves Safety and Costs for Road Haulage Operators

More Efficient Fleet Management Using Internet of Things
Shipping News Feature
FINLAND – WORLDWIDE – Digitalisation is bringing a revolution to the entire logistics sector ranging from tracking consignments right across the world, to artificial intelligence sorting Pick and Pack orders and drones providing security in rail transit facilities. One of the most useful aspects however is another form of security, providing safety for road haulage operators, with telematics offering more efficient truck fleet control with real time information. Now a major tyre manufacturer has introduced a product to boost tyre management options.

Nokian Heavy Tyres says up to now while tyres are a crucial factor in a safe, efficient and economical operation, they have been all but invisible in terms of gathering digital real time data, something the company’s latest product is designed to rectify.

Nokian Tyres Intuitu combines sensor-equipped smart tyres with a mobile application that records the data from tyres, keeping the user informed with the vital tyre pressure and temperature measurements. Toni Silfverberg, Head of Sales & Marketing at Nokian Tyres says the system has been designed as ‘plug and play’ meaning that after fitting the tyres monitoring is simply via the appropriate app.

The system will be available in agricultural and contracting tyres at first, but Nokian Tyres aims to extend digitalisation to its entire commercial tyre range. Using an Internet of Things (IoT) approach Intuitu is based on IoT independent sensors that consume little power and can network, send identification and sensor data that can be recorded. The first version of the sensors will send out tyre pressure and temperature data to the app running on a mobile device and cloud-based data storage. The system does not require any modifications to the vehicle itself, just the tyres with sensors and the mobile device.

Because the Intuitu system can help prevent tyre damage by helping to make sure the operating parameters are always optimal, Nokian Tyres will offer an extended warranty for the mobile app users who register their tyres and the company believes the product is the first step towards bigger possibilities, it already gives useful data to help fleet maintenance, decision-making and getting the best mileage out of the tyre investment. Toni Silfverberg explains why going digital is a logical step:

”The application gives the drivers peace of mind by keeping them informed about the tyre pressure and temperature, helping to prevent tyre damage and warning about possible anomalies. Keeping the tyres in good condition keeps the machinery operational, minimises downtime and other damage related costs.

”Many people still see tyres as ‘just’ tyres, a piece of rubber between your machine and the ground, with Intuitu, your tyres are no longer forgotten pieces of rubber, but the smart, active components they rightfully should be. A fleet manager wants to keep everything rolling with minimal unexpected downtime and maximal safety and profitability.”

Nokian Tyres Intuitu will be presented at the Agritechnica fair in November 2019, and the product will be commercially available in 2020.