Monday, July 27, 2009

Dick Turban rides again !

More tales of modern piracy
Shipping News Feature

MUMBAI - Seven caught in Indian "Highwaymen" case.

Seven arrests were made on Friday by the Narpoli police. The gang of armed thieves were first questioned about a series of burglaries in the vicinity but during interrogation they revealed details of a truck robbery near Ganeshpuri they undertook two months ago during which they challenged, chased and caught a vehicle and stole its payload.

The driver, Rajkaran Singh, was tied up and dumped whilst his load was transferred to the miscreants truck. A statement from Inspector Ashkok Jagtap of the Narpoli police confirmed the gang were all habitual criminals who, it is believed, conspired to commit such robberies whilst they were serving simultaneous jail terms.

They have been charged with possession of illegal firearms (home made revolvers and Chinese manufactured pistols) and were being transferred to the Ganeshpuri authorities for questioning into other robberies and even possible murders committed on the Indian highways.

Source: Times of India