Friday, October 28, 2011

DHL Sails Through Freight and Logistics Preparations for Volvo Race

International Control Centre Will Monitor Global Event
Shipping News Feature

SPAIN – IRELAND – TRANSWORLD – All of the major shipping players like to demonstrate their craft by supporting high profile events and DHL have announced they will be supplying the full range of freight forwarding and venue logistics services for the 11th Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s premier round-the world yacht race starting in Alicante, Spain, on the 29th October. Using a combination of container, air cargo and road haulage services DHL will endeavour to guarantee the smooth running of the event by way of its various business units.

DHL's support includes transportation of high-end gear for the crews and haulage of pavilions for visitors to the ten Race Villages spread over the 72,000 kilometre route, as well as short-term supply of spare parts in case of an emergency. DHL uses a total of 152 containers for shipping the hundreds of tonnes of materials. All the logistics will be under the supervision of a specially set up international control centre right up to the finish of the race in Galway, Ireland.

DHL will move two identical sets of 40ft ocean freight containers each with a volume of 67m3 which include tools, lifejackets and rig lifting sling sets per team according to the leapfrog principle. The teams use the content of the first container during the first leg while DHL has already delivered the second container to the next destination. Upon arrival, the teams take over the second container to use it during the next leg while DHL prepares the previously used first container for the next stopover. This method guarantees on time delivery and availability of the necessary equipment as DHL stays one step ahead of the competing boats.

In addition to the ocean freight containers, DHL provides each team with a number of air cargo containers. In case of an emergency such as a broken mast, DHL is responsible for immediately delivery of a substitute. To cover such contingencies, a spare parts depot has been established at the airport in Amsterdam, enabling DHL to move massive goods such as masts up to 100 feet tall to any destination around the globe in quick time.