Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DHL Reduce Staff Further As Demand Drops

M & S Transit Depot In Leicester to Close
Shipping News Feature

UK –Confirmation today of more bad news for major logistics group DHL with information reaching us that they will close the Marks and Spencer sorting depot at Leicester with the loss of over 100 jobs.

This follows on from the company’s closures in Northampton, where part of their Tesco contract was handled, and Middleton, Greater Manchester where DHL laid off 60 more staff when they closed down the sorting plant there. Another depot in Exeter is holding its breath where DHL employ nearly 200 whose jobs are also under threat.

A spokesperson said to HSG

"DHL Supply can confirm that it is entering a period of consultation with its employees together with the relevant representative forums at the Leicester sortation centre which it operates on behalf of Marks & Spencer. This is as a result of an ongoing strategic supply chain review by Marks & Spencer.

"The proposal is that the sortation centre will cease operating by the end of January 2010, and DHL is committed to a full and open consultation with the affected employees at the site."