Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DHL Freight Offers Green Options for Road Logistics

Reports and Offsetting Now Offered
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE / MIDDLE EAST / NORTH AFRICA - DHL Freight is now offering two new environmentally-friendly products. Customers commissioning groupage (LTL), part-truckload (PTL) and full-truckload (FTL) services in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa can request CO2 emission reports detailing the CO2 footprint of their shipments for each route. The company is also offering the option to offset carbon emissions created during transport through certified external climate protection programs.

"Based on rising fuel prices, increasing carbon regulations and growing consumer awareness the protection of our environment and supply of green products becomes more and more important for our business. Thanks to our environmentally sustainable products, our customers can make their own supply chain greener," says Thomas George, Chief Executive Officer DHL Freight.

The calculation method follows principles from internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol from the World Resources Institute.

DHL customers can request a monthly, quarterly or yearly report detailing their carbon footprint for each route during the requested time period. Based on the CO2 report, customers can then opt to compensate for their carbon emissions through certified external conservation programs, including biomass power plants in India, wind parks in China, hydro power plants in Brazil or landfill gas plants in Turkey.