Friday, April 30, 2010

DFDS Line Match Trailer Speed With Container Shipping

New Reefer Sea Service Quick And Green
Shipping News Feature

UK / SPAIN – DFDS Suardiaz Line, part of the DFDS shipping group, are now offering a new door-to-door reefer service between the UK and Spain which they claim means customers can match the speed of conventional trailer services combined with the carbon savings of sea freight with their new daily schedule.

Unveiled at the Multimodal 2010 show, the service is designed with clients in the fresh produce and wine trades in mind and will run between Bilbao, Spain and various UK ports.

DFDS's Jane Smith said that: “It was plain to us that there was demand for this sort of specialist service, especially with ever increasing demands for ‘green’ transport solutions. We already operated a door-to-door service for ambient temperature shipments on our Spanish – UK routes, so why not expand it to include reefer loads as well?”

She added that: “We’ve also made the service much faster. We can now get loads from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the UK using our sea freight link in comparable times to trailer operators. By matching the road haulage sector for speed in delivery times we now give customers the opportunity to really exploit the benefits of our short sea services.”

DFDS are aware that many shippers have a polarised perception of their services, perhaps only familiar with a single facet of the group’s operations, but point out they have a track record in this type of reefer container facility as they operate a similar service on their Norwegian – UK shipping routes.

Anyone wanting more information on the new service should contact DFDS Suardiaz Line’s agent SpeedCargo UK on +44 (0) 1469 562100, or email