Friday, February 1, 2013

Demand Prompts Freight Forwarder to Open New Agricultural Machinery Department

Another Driver Accompanied Trailer Service from Morrison
Shipping News Feature

UK – EUROPE – Morrison Freight, the Suffolk based forwarder has long had an association with agricultural machinery movements through its regular driver accompanied trailer services into France, Germany and beyond. Now, with the burgeoning demand for trucks into Eastern Europe the group has set up a dedicated all year round service for tractors and agricultural machinery and spares across the whole of Europe.

All services are to be driver accompanied and Morrison offers a wide range of trailer configurations to suit the widely differing dimensions such products inevitably involve. The move has been prompted by a steadily growing demand for the specialist trade and compliments Morrison’s regular international road haulage services which account for over a thousand full trailer loads every month through the Suffolk ports and beyond.

Morrison operates from its own 3 acre site just a few miles from Ipswich, Felixstowe and Harwich, close enough for the company to be able to offer contract parking facilities to some of the thousands of trucks which regularly visit the three ports. With multi lingual staff available communication with drivers of all nationalities is made easier and the new section was a natural progression for the company as managing director Detlef Liebscher explained, saying:

“We are committed to providing our customers with the specialist services they require. This means developing our business in line with customer need. Our expertise in agricultural machinery movement has now reached a level that justifies the creation of an entirely new and dedicated department. Obviously, we would also hope that by introducing a comprehensive machinery transport service, we will open doors to new clients.”

Photo: Morrison Freight Directors (Detlef Liebscher on left)