Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Deep Water Port London Gateway Brings New Meaning to Shipping Container Feeder Services

Challenge to Cook a Meal in Less Time Than Dropping and Collecting a Box
Shipping News Feature
UK – With all the concerns over delays to trucks when the Brexit axe falls, staff at DP World’s deep water port and logistics facility on the banks of the River Thames, London Gateway, decided it was about time they proved just how quickly a modern container port can turn round vehicles. To demonstrate the system's efficiency the, not so obvious method chosen, was to compare the time taken to drop-off and collect a container to that of cooking a meal for 20 hungry port workers.

London Gateway, being the nation’s youngest port is of course stacked out with state-of-the-art technology and high levels of automation but prides itself also on the collaboration it has with customers via the use of systems such as ‘Where’s My Container’.

London Gateway claims that it can ensure cargo drop-off and collection is achieved in an industry-leading average time of just 35 minutes and set about proving it by employing the services of Rugby World Cup winning legend and Celebrity MasterChef champion Phil Vickery and Michelin starred chef Barry Vera, both of whom accepted the challenge to sate those hungry appetites in less time than it would take Cliff, an ATL Haulage Contractor’s truck driver, to drop and collect a 40 foot box.

To find out how the challenge went DP World has published this video, however it probably goes without saying that Cliff can be seen settling down to await his lunch with the others. Andrew Bowen, Port Operations Director at DP World London Gateway, commented:

“As a trading nation, the efficiency of the UK’s ports’ infrastructure is key and it’s never been more important to turnaround goods quickly. This is exactly why we put customers and port users at the heart of operations, and have continued to innovate and invest here at DP World London Gateway. Our port offers the unique qualities required to enable smarter trade and help build a better world for everyone.”

Photo: Rugby legend Phil Vickery and chef Barry Vera prepare the meal against the clock with (Inset) Cliff of ATL heads for the restaurant having collected his container.