Thursday, February 25, 2010

DB Schenker Wins Accreditation As Envirotainer Shipping Provider In Europe And Asia

Acknowledgement of Successful Handling Processes
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE / ASIA - DB Schenker has gained accreditation as a Qualified Envirotainer Provider (QEP) at several stations in Europe and Asia by Envirotainer AB, the Swedish-based provider of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers.

The accreditation, which verifies that DB Schenker can manage temperature sensitive shipments that are shipped in Envirotainer containers in accordance with the company’s Good Distribution Practice, has been awarded for the European stations in Brussels, Basel, Frankfurt, Geneva, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich as well as the Singapore operation.

After completing the audit process, Envirotainer congratulated DB Schenker on the high level of its internal QEP documentation and the full commitment of the company's Quality and Commercial Management to the QEP Program.

"DB Schenker plans on expanding its QEP Accreditation, to support our customers' requirements for the temperature controlled supply chain globally," said Bob Gahan, VP Global Sales, Health Care, DB Schenker.

Christine Andersson, one of Envirotainer's QEP Program Managers, said: "DB Schenker has been able to successfully comply with the strict requirements of QEP Accreditation because of its excellent quality management system and internal training program. Having these structured processes already in place has enabled the company to quickly satisfy the quality standards needed."

Envirotainer, pioneers of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers, launched its QEP / CEP Training and Quality Program at the request of shippers of healthcare products and in response to industry guidance.

The program acknowledges those service providers that are capable of properly managing shipments using Envirotainer containers.