Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DB Schenker Reorganise Transport And Logistics Locations

Frankfurt to be Major Office for Shipping Giant
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – DB Schenker issued news today that they are to concentrate more of their management functions in Frankfurt am Main. The management teams of the corporate units currently located in Berlin, Mainz and Essen will now be concentrated at the new location. This resolution was passed by the Management Board of DB Mobility Logistics AG in its most recent meeting. Around 330 members of the management staff of the business units of DB Schenker Logistics and DB Schenker Rail and from cross-unit functions from the division are now to be located in Frankfurt am Main.

DB Chairman and CEO, Dr. Rüdiger Grube, welcomed the decision that has been taken for the Transportation and Logistics division, but also made one point quite clear: “The headquarters of DB is and will of course remain in Berlin. We have over 17,000 people working for our company in the capital.”

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, Member of the Management Board of DB ML AG responsible for Transportation and Logistics commented:

“As a key international business capital, Frankfurt is an attractive logistics centre. Our intention is to expand our international business operations from Frankfurt. The future of logistics is in cost-effective carriers providing cross-sector services for our customers. With management concentrated at one location, we have the optimum conditions to expand. Frankfurt was the obvious choice as a transportation node situated in the heart of Germany and Europe.”

The new central headquarters close to Frankfurt International Airport will be accommodated by members of the Management Board and staff in Berlin, members of the European management of DB Schenker Rail GmbH in Mainz and members of DB Schenker Logistics management in Essen. The locations of Mainz and Essen will remain as the headquarters of DB Schenker Rail Deutschland and Schenker AG.

The relocation is scheduled to be completed within a period of one to two years – depending on the choice of real estate. With revenues of around EUR 15.3 billion and a workforce of over 90,000 employees in 130 countries (2009 Annual Report), DB Schenker is responsible for DB’s transportation and logistics activities. DB Schenker has leading positions in the global air and ocean freight transportation markets, the densest land transportation network and is Europe’s largest rail freight carrier.

DB‘s Infrastructure and Passenger Transportation divisions and other business units are located in Frankfurt am Main, where Deutsche Bahn employs a total of around 14,000 people. Schenker Deutschland AG is located nearby in Kelsterbach, with DB Schenker Rail Deutschland AG in Mainz.