Friday, November 6, 2009

DB Schenker Rail To Streamline Operations

Adjustments To Be Made to Divisions and Management
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY - DB Schenker Rail, Deutsche Bahn AG's European rail freight transport operator has announced that it intends to streamline its management and organisational structure at the start of next year.

Whilst the company states that its organisational structure is to remain essentially unchanged it does intend to make cuts at its business unit level by integrating its currently independent Automotive and Intermodal Business Segments with its wider European and German sales divisions.

“The current economic situation requires a lean organization with clearer, explicitly defined responsibilities for business results, and short decision-making paths. We must restore operational and economic balance to DB Schenker Rail, especially in Germany,” said Dr. Alexander Hedderich, CEO of DB Schenker Rail.

“Our company's numerous activities in Europe have to be linked together to form a real network in order to generate benefits for our customers and foster business success. A streamlined management structure and the clear assignment of responsibility for results within our company are the basis for achieving these goals.”

In line with the changes will be a number of adjustments at management level to adapt to the new company structure. Dr. Christoph Wolff, a member of the management board for Schenker’s East Region department is considering whether to move to different responsibilities within the group whilst Edmund Schlummer, who was previously Head of Region Central, has decided to leave the company at the end of the year.

(pic: ©DB Schenker)