Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DB Schenker Frankfurt Hub Revealed

“Ribbon-Cutting” for New Facility
Shipping News Feature

FRANKFURT - DB Schenker this week unveiled its new European air freight hub at Frankfurt Airport.

The € 50 million facility is due to start operations in early August and will combine the global forwarders import and export terminals, which currently operate at different locations within the airport.

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, who recently transferred from Deutsche Bahn's Passenger Transport Corporate Division to head up the Transportation and Logistics division of DB Mobility Logistics AG, said in a statement . “This European hub is an essential turntable within our international air freight network. It will contribute to expand our position in the global competition.” Thomas C. Lieb, Chairman of the Management Board of Schenker said that: “The new facility is a visible sign that we are looking toward the future, even in these difficult times.”

The Cargo City Sud centre is based around the 15,000 square meter ground floor handling unit, over which lies a 10,000 square meter home for the aircraft spares in which Schenker have tended to specialize lately. Add to this 4,000 square meters dedicated to offices and support staff numbering circa 200 and one can gauge just how important the new terminal is to Schenker. The upper floor is clear of obstructions to allow the oversize aircraft parts free access.

The warehouse contains all the essential equipment for dealing with a variety of cargoes including ambient and temperature sensitive goods, hazardous storage areas plus the ability to transfer consolidated cargoes for export and import, palletizing and deconstruction plus the ability to X-ray any and all goods. These capabilities will, according to Schenker’s, “…make the facility one of the most modern and efficient air freight hubs in the international DB Schenker network.”