Monday, December 7, 2009

Davies Turner Revise Turkish Export Import Methods To Reduce Freight Pollution

Operator Increases Vehicle Capacity by 40% at No Extra Cost
Shipping News Feature

UK – TURKEY- Davies Turner have reviewed and revised their multi modal services between the two countries with a view to reducing fuel use and consequent emissions. Much of their trade is fashion based and by the simple proviso of abandoning the heavy rail systems universally used inside hanging garment trucks and replacing with a stringing system for lightweight garment ranges they are achieving a 40% increase in payload with resultant savings.

The long established tradition of “road all the way” has also been despatched with and some of the trailer services now move by ferry from Turkey to Trieste, Italy, then by rail to Mannheim, Germany before the final leg to the UK. The service offers the same lead time as the standard road service, bypasses weekend driving restrictions and is largely unaffected by the weather.

Philip Stephenson, chairman of Davies Turner, explains:

“We looked at the map to determine better alternatives to long-haul overland direct from Turkey to the UK after our customers started asking us if there was a multimodal, greener way to move their goods. As a transport provider, our concern was to meet this demand in such a way that our service levels were not compromised.

“Our specialist staff and route-planners worked tirelessly to develop alternative means of getting between Turkey and the UK that is no slower than using trucks all the way. This is truly a win-win for our clients: the same reliable, quality Davies Turner service, taking no longer than before and with reduced carbon emissions.”

He concludes: “Consumers are now more concerned than ever over issues impacting on the environment. This is something the industry must increasingly note and take positive action on.”