Friday, October 14, 2016

Dash Cameras Demonstrate Dangers That Australian (and Other) Freight Truck Drivers Face Every Day

Technology Continues to Spread as Benefits Become Apparent.
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRALIA – WORLDWIDE – A website dedicated to showing dash camera videos shot in Australia has released a video highlighting what it describes as ‘what truck drivers put up with daily’. The compilation, featuring footage over several years, shows how some drivers can be oblivious to something even as huge as a MAN or Kenworth truck. Please bear in mind if you watch the video, these are Aussie truckers, the Queens English it ain’t!

The use of dashboard cameras has gradually expanded in recent years as the benefits of their use become more apparent, particularly with companies operating fleets with large vehicles. Many insurers in the UK now offer discounts to companies and individuals that use these devices and their use in Russia, which has a terrible reputation for road traffic incidents, is well documented.

Even if there is no direct economic benefit from insurance reductions, such as in the US, using dash cam can provide critical evidence in crashes, as this video demonstrates. Additionally, ‘cash-for-crash’ insurance scams having risen dramatically in recent years with the FBI estimating that insurance fraud now amounts to around $40 billion a year, which costs the average US family between $400 and $700 per annum in the form of increased premiums.

Fleet operators are also able to use footage to check the standards of their employees driving and behaviour and the film is invaluable for staff assessments and training.

As road traffic continues to increase around the world is seems reasonable to expect that dash cams are one aspect of developing technology which are going to play an even more important part in your daily drive.