Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damco Sign up Boeing as Partners for the Future

MOU Means Increased Opportunities to Streamline Supply Chains
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – Damco, the leading logistics provider and subsidiary of AP Moeller-Maersk, have released details of a Memorandum of Understanding they have co-signed with Boeings International Support Systems group. Boeing is the largest exporter in the US and shipped in excess of $350 million in aerospace goods and services last year. Boeing employ 70,000 people globally.

Damco has 10,500 people based in 272 offices world wide dedicated to designing, installing, improving and maintaining logistics and supply chains throughout the industry. They managed the carriage of 2.5 million TEU’s, air freighted 60, 000 tonnes, and turned over $2,8 billion last year.

Boeing are looking to optimize their supply chains for both defence and commercial customers whilst Damco are keen to study and utilize Boeings Joint Logistics Command and Control system (JLC2E) which is currently only used on defence contracts. JLC2E enables customers to evaluate systems involved in the supply and delivery of logistics services within complex parameters.

“Damco is in the business of moving products, reducing costs and improving service levels, said Mr Martin Thaysen, Damco’s Chief Commercial Officer, “Working with Boeing’s supply chain experience and technology would allow us to develop new ways of reducing cost and freeing up cash for our customers – which is particularly important in these economically challenging times.”