Friday, December 18, 2009

DAF Trucks Unveil New Model

New Range Aimed At Younger Drivers
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – Truck Manufacturer DAF, a subsidiery of PACCAR, have just unveiled their latest offering which has been specifically designed with new drivers in mind. The company hopes that by creating a vehicle that will be a first drive for many they will encourage future sales by catching customers early.

The ‘sit n’ ride’ model of the XF105 is made of sturdy plastic to help save on damage issues and is available in yellow. The vehicle has a 1SCP (Small Child Power) rating, which can generate a surprising amount of speed and agility.

The XF105 ‘Sit n’ Ride’ is available from DAF dealers throughout Europe at a recommended retail price of €59. Anyone wishing to locate their nearest DAF dealership can find it here.

(Yes, we know; it’s a slow week – Ed.)