Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dachser Endows Chair for Sustainability in Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Professor Julia Wolf First Incumbent
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – Freight and logistics service provider Dachser has pledged to endow a Professorial Chair in Sustainability in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the European Business School (EBS) in Wiesbaden, Greater Frankfurt. The first incumbent will be Prof. Dr Julia Wolf.

“In making this commitment we wish to generate fresh impetus in the logistics industry and society as a whole to work even harder to tackle the issue of sustainability,” said Bernhard Simon, Management Spokesman at Dachser.

Professor Wolf is reported to be delighted at the appointment: “Dachser is the ideal partner. The Chair will make it possible to explore a range of issues connected to sustainability and logistics in a comprehensive and focused way, in an international context. Dachser is already well advanced in this area.”

The new Chair, which was created in January 2010, has a very extensive research brief. It is proposed to explain scientifically how logistics strategies can be successfully geared towards sustainability; how sustainability targets can be measured and therefore monitored and how the implementation processes should be structured. A further work area is collaboration with industry.

“As well as Dachser, we want to enthuse other companies with our ideas so that they will make the leap from theory to practice,” says Prof. Dr Christopher Jahns, President of the EBS and Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute.

Bernard Simon went on to expound the importance of the logistic industries cooperation and funding of educational institutions.

“A new generation of workers who have benefited from excellent training is a society’s most important resource. That is why Dachser regards supporting universities and students as a logical investment in the future,” he said.

(pic: Prof. Julia Wolf)