Thursday, May 5, 2022

Customers Kept Advised of Shipping Situation in Russia and Belarus

Changes to Banned Supply Lines As Ukraine War Continues
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – BELARUS – The situation in Ukraine has left those tasked with logistics in the region with some difficult choices to be made. Whilst the public generally expects services to be withdrawn from regions supporting the war, the position of carriers is nowhere near as straightforward, entrusted as they are with the safe carriage and delivery of goods involved.

As is often the case, it is one of the prime movers in the profession which has taken the lead in the manner and method employed to try and regularise the situation with A.P. Moller – Maersk clearly laying out both its immediate policies with regards to sanctions as these were initially announced, and now the way the company will move forward.

Having announced it would cease all operations in Russia and Belarus, Maersk has now stopped all vessel operations in Russia and service with Belarus. In the domestic sector it has wound down and/or divested all services in a policy which does not allow for any new business in either Russia or Belarus.

The company says it has put staff safety and stability before all and has done its utmost to withdraw from Russia in a responsible way, with offices in Far East Russia, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad expected to close down during the summer of 2022. The Saint Petersburg and Moscow offices will run until the end of the year and the Belarus office will also be shut down during the summer.

Regrettably even Maersk’s careful approach has been unable to properly fulfil the original contracts for some consignments and for all the affected cargo it says it has done its utmost to deliver it to initially planned end-destinations or to offer a change of destination where practicable, legally allowed and reasonable.

Customers are advised to keep lines of communication open with the service teams and continue to monitor Maersk’s specially published online web advisory and FAQ page for current status.

Photo: Objections to rigged election results have seen the arrest and incarceration of lawyers, journalists and the like with hundreds detained by the authorities and murder investigations into political crimes going nowhere.