Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cryogenic Services are a Specialised Branch of Freight and Logistics

Especially with Multimodal Solutions for a Frozen Cargo to an Icy Destination
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – As if parts of the country didn’t get cold enough our picture shows a truck borne delivery of liquid medical oxygen bound for the hospitals of Altai Krai of Russia (winter temperatures down to −45 °C have been recorded) which borders Kazakhstan. The traffic is organised by Russian Railways Logistics (RZDL), the subsidiary of RZD Holding formed to encourage expanded multimodal supply chain operations handled by the country’s principal rail freight carrier.

In the first six months of this year delivered over 432 tons of liquefied gas produced by the Sibtechgaz plant to the medical facilities of the cities of Barnaul, Biysk, Rubtsovsk and Novoal-taisk. Sibtechgaz is one of the leading Russian and CIS producers of technical gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, food and industrial gas mixtures. Prior to its cooperation with RZDL, the company used its own trucks for freight forwarding the cargo, which requires delicate handling, and only after the necessary permissions were gained could RZDL employ a specialised rail tank wagon fleet on the plant’s rail tracks.

With RZDL’s new scheme in place the costs associated with the cargo were reduced significantly, with the oxygen travelling by rail from Novosibirsk on the West Siberian Railway to Barnaul, Alta Krai’s administrative centre, where the cargo was transhipped directly into cryogenic liquid tank trucks. After arrival RZDL then provided ‘final mile’ delivery from the rail head to the districts ten hospitals.

According to Sergey Shevtsov, RZD Logistics Branch Director in Novosibirsk, the logistics scheme once again proved the competitive advantages and economic efficiency of rail transport. In the future RZDL plans to use similar solutions for coal companies, which use liquid nitrogen for firefighting and fire prevention in coal mines whilst planning to continue with more cooperation with the Sibtechgaz plant by switching to providing 3PL services for technical gas export and delivery to final consumers.