Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crowley Maritime Leads the Way with Safer Petroleum Freight

New Barges Expressly Designed to Protect Alaskan Environment
Shipping News Feature

ALASKA, USA - Crowley Maritime Corporation, who specialise in providing logistics and marine services throughout Alaska and in some of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas has once again raised the bar in their commitment to protecting the Alaskan wilderness by commissioning two new, double-hulled petroleum tank barges.

The first of their kind to operate in Western Alaska waters, the barges have been especially designed for use in this demanding region and Crowley is the first company to introduce the safer double-hulled vessels to Alaska, despite there being no regulatory requirement to do so, because as the company’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Rocky Smith, said: “It's just the right thing to do.”

Built by Dakota Creek Industries, the new barges will begin operations this week for their home port of Nome, Alaska. The double-hull barges will be used for shallow-draft operations and beach landings for the delivery of fuel and cargo to the remote communities of Western Alaska.

Crowley has been providing various marine, petroleum distribution, and energy support services throughout the State since 1953 and the new barges reinforce their determination to supply the Alaskan populace and economy.

“The delivery and deployment of these barges gives Crowley the opportunity to better serve the Alaska market with the enhanced design features that are built into these vessels,” said Bob Cox, Crowley's vice president of petroleum distribution.

“This exemplifies our commitment to moving petroleum and petroleum products efficiently and safely,” he added.