Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cross Border Truck Freight Looks For Improvement

New Relationship For US - Mexican Neighbours
Shipping News Feature

US – MEXICO – An historic agreement signed this month ties even tighter bonds between economic communities from either side of the border. Over 1600 freight trucks a day cross over representing tens of billions of dollars worth of goods shipped between the two countries, many of them passing via Nogales Inland Port operated by the Greater Nogales and Santa Cruz County Port Authority (GNSCCPA). In recent times the implementation of tougher border regulations and delays caused by insufficient staff at the crossing points has upset many who have always headed North to shop and trade.

Nogales is the classic border town, a name familiar to any fan of Westerns, but unknown to most it actually sits on either side of the border as two separate entities, Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora. Now a ‘Sister City’ agreement between the two, seen by some as more than an insignificant gesture, has witnessed the towns’ respective mayors’ formalise their town twinning, something which most observers, and indeed residents, had thought was in place already given the pairs close cooperation over generations.

The new agreement was welcomed by organisations such as Collectron International Management Inc., who state that Nogales Port is widely recognised as the ‘best operated port in the United States’ and use it exclusively. Collectron are based in Nogales, Sonara and operate maquiladora services for U.S. companies interested in manufacturing in Mexico. Maquiladora means the millers share, literally the percentage taken when a mill grinds grain and takes a portion of the flour in payment, and Collectron was formed in 1969 since when it has assisted with 200 start-up operations.

Companies like Collectron smooth the path for US firms who wish to test production in a country like Mexico without becoming too deeply committed initially. When they are satisfied that the cost, quality and supply chain issues are satisfactory the client can create a Mexican subsidiary and incorporate in the country. Collectron operates a ‘Shelter Plan’ including provision of assistance with Mexican business permits, environmental agency compliance, aid in site selection and construction, recruitment, accounting services and cross border customs documentation services. Maria Elena Rigoli, President of Collectron, who has dual citizenship, spoke about the new agreement saying:

“The formalized recognition of the important, close-knit relationship between these two cities is more than symbolic. It is a tangible demonstration of the commitment of the two cities’ mayors and communities to work together for improved economic development and stability, as they themselves pointed out during the ceremony.”

Anyone interested in development of a product in Mexico for export can learn more HERE.

Photo:- The Arizona – Sonora border passing through Nogales. A permanent border presence deters illegal aliens attempting to cross. Manufactured goods represent 55% of the Sonoran Nogales economy.