Thursday, April 13, 2017

Crew Seized by Somali Pirates Reported Released In Rescue Operation

Ten Members of the Al Kausar Safe
Shipping News Feature

SOMALIA – Just days after recovering the Indian commercial vessel the Al Kausar Somali security forces have successfully rescued the remaining members of the crew on early Wednesday morning, with the operation also leading to the arrest of four pirates. The ship's master confirmed that none of the crew were harmed during their 12-day ordeal. The Al Kausar became the second vessel to be seized by pirates in this recent surge of activity in the waters off Somalia.  

All of the crew from the Al Kausar have now been freed from their captors. The rescue took place as the pirates apparently tried to move the men into an area controlled by the militant group al Shabaab. This followed a prior attempt on Monday in which security forces recovered the boat and two of the crew members.

According to local reports, the total number of men actually taken hostage from the vessel had been 10 instead of the 11 officials had originally announced.