Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Crane Maker Offers Rental Options to Help Companies Manage Finances

Konecranes Now Offer Three Year Rental Deals
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Finnish crane group Konecranes is now offering premium low- to mid-range capacity cranes for rent, giving a new alternative to buying a crane. Without any large capital investment, customers can get a new crane combined with a service package, where Konecranes takes care of maintenance and spare parts.

The new RENTALL service means customers can choose to rent a crane of up to 20 tonnes of capacity from the Konecranes industrial crane range with only site-related items, transportation, installation, commissioning and initial inspection paid up-front. Then there is a fixed monthly fee for the contract period. If needed, the crane can easily be upgraded.

Minimum Konecranes RENTALL contract period is three years and after this customers can choose to continue with the rental agreement, buy the crane at a pre-agreed price, or return it to Konecranes. The service is currently available in Finland, UK, Singapore, Australia, Sweden and Norway, with the plan to introduce RENTALL to other countries in the near future. Raine Jussila, Product Manager, Konecranes RENTALL said:

“With RENTALL we can approach the customer with a new way to source the crane. We have piloted the RENTALL concept in a few countries and based on positive feedback from satisfied customers, we are now launching the concept to new markets.”