Thursday, September 24, 2020

Covid and Brexit Aren't the Only Things to Worry Hauliers

Winter is Approaching Carrying the Usual Threats
Shipping News Feature

UK – EUROPE – With all the other bad stuff going on at the moment it would be easy to forget the usual hazards which road haulage operators face during the shortening daylight hours ahead. Now one platform and access technology specialist points out there is no better time for logistics businesses to consider investing in essential winter maintenance for their fleets.

Each year, the festive season puts renewed strain on haulage and delivery firms, as they process a substantial increase in orders thanks to Black Friday, Christmas gift buying and the January sales. And with online shopping in the UK growing by 129% since the onset of Covid-19, 2020 may well be the busiest year yet for the logistics sector.

Now more than ever, therefore, it’s essential for haulage firms to ensure their fleets are in peak condition, able to meet this surge in demand and, importantly, avoid any costly vehicle downtime. That’s why German headquartered ZARGES is rolling out its precision manufactured de-icing platform, designed with the needs of logistics managers firmly in mind.

In winter months, when the mercury can drop below zero, ice slabs often form on the tarpaulin cover and body of HGVs that have been parked outdoors. Because the slabs are usually found on the truck’s body, which can be up to four metres from the ground, it’s difficult for the driver to remove.

These ice slabs may then slide off the truck and into the road when the lorry is in motion, potentially spelling danger for the driver, and other road users, something which can be avoided as Martina Moritz, Product Manager at ZARGES explains:

“Our de-icing platform allows drivers to remove snow, ice, water and dirt from their vehicles quickly and, importantly, safely. Featuring a steel open-grid surface, the platform is slip proof, with all-round railings for maximum safety while working at height.

“And with user friendliness front of mind, the platform is easy to put together, thanks to a high degree of pre-assembly. What’s more, the platform comes with an innovative, ergonomically designed ice scraper. With a handle length of 2.9 metres, the patented PCV scraper enables drivers to easily clean the entire width of the vehicle, even adapting to the vehicle’s surface contour to give the perfect cleaning result.”