Monday, September 28, 2009

Cory Logistics Complete Artistic Transfer

New Sculpture Graces Piccadilly After Shipping From New Zealand
Shipping News Feature

NEW ZEALAND - UK – The 15 metre high sculpture which currently graces the front courtyard of the London Royal Academy of Arts has been successfully installed thanks to the combined efforts of Cory Logistics in the UK and Oceanbridge in New Zealand.

The seventy six unequal spheres are the work of Turner prize winner Anish Kapoor and is named “Tall Tree and the Eye”. The Mumbai born artist is exhibiting fifty plus works in the current exhibition.

Oceanbridge arranged shipment from Tauranga, New Zealand with Cory attending to delivery into London including Police escorts. Carriage of pieces for the Chelsea schooled sculptor can be a hazardous undertaking. One piece alone displayed in Chicago cost $23 million and stretched to twenty metres. The current exhibition is at the Royal Academy, London W1, from 26 September to 11 December.