Friday, May 26, 2017

Container Specialist Can Solve Delay Problems for Freight Forwarders and Shippers Alike

Pentalver Aims to Eliminate Quay Rent
Shipping News Feature
UK – Two phrases which are guaranteed to raise the hackles and the blood pressure of freight forwarders and shippers alike are demurrage and quay rent, an unholy combination which can drain the profit from a job for the forwarder or haulier and infuriate a consignee because of factors sometimes beyond all control. Now Jack of All Trades company (where containers are concerned) Pentalver, is reminding customers there is often an alternative when goods are delayed at Britain's biggest container port.

Whilst Pentalver transports, refurbishes and converts boxes to customer requirements the company has been a steadily growing presence in the market when it comes to storage, increasing the size of its facilities countrywide. With its strategically placed port operations at Felixstowe, Pentalver can offer loaded storage facilities a short distance from the Port of Felixstowe with the opportunity to store for the as short or long period time to suit the clients requirements, pointing out the potential for saving a large amount of costs on quay rent.

Pentalver recently won accolades for its reefer management in Felixstowe and with 42% of the UK’s box traffic passing through the Suffolk port, the ability to shunt containers between quayside and its secure depot, which includes the option of bonded storage, means shippers with predicted or unforeseen delays can contact the Pentalver department responsible for taking care of transfer and storage directly on or call 0333 150 2680.