Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Container Shipping Tragedy - Twelve Dead

Vessel Founders in High Winds off Chinese Coast
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – According to reports, container ship Guang Yang Xin Gang capsized on Monday at around 17:15 local time, killing at least 12 crew members with two seafarers still missing. One man, who was found unconscious, was rescued by a helicopter that was dispatched by the Beihai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport.

The ship was travelling from the northern coastal city of Tianjin to Taizhou in eastern Zhejiang Province when she came up against strong winds and sank 40 nautical miles northeast of Longkou, Shandong Province.

As is so often the case with these affairs full details will probably only come out over time.

Photo: Members of the rescue team pull the lifeless body of one of the container vessels crew from Bohai Bay. Courtesy of ECNS