Thursday, April 20, 2017

Container Shipping Line Provides Free Ocean Freight for Emergency Response Vehicles

Donated Fire Engine and Ambulances Delivered from Japan to El Salvador
Shipping News Feature
JAPAN – EL SALVADOR – Container shipping line Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd (K Line) is once again providing free ocean freight transporting a fire engine and two ambulances donated by the Japan Firefighters Association (JFA) to the Republic of El Salvador. The vehicles are part of a program run by the JFA which supplies vehicles to developing countries to improve their emergency services.

The three vehicles have been refurbished for use in El Salvador with the support of the Japan-El Salvador Association, and on April 18 the vehicles were loaded onto K Line’s pure car carrier (PCC) at Yokohama that will call at the port of Acajutla, El Salvador in early May. El Salvador is he most densely populated country in the Americas, with around 6.4 million residents in a country of around 21,000 km2.

K Line has been involved in fulfilling a role as Honorary Consul of El Salvador in Japan since 1969 and has supported free ocean transportation since 2014 in order to contribute to the reinforcement of emergency vehicles in the country. This is the fourth such occasion in which K Line has supported free ocean transportation for a total of 12 donated vehicles to the country - 7 fire engines and 5 ambulances.