Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Container Shipping Line Launches New Feeder Assisted Black Sea Route

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Shipping News Feature

GREECE – TURKEY - BLACK SEA – CASPIAN SEA – Utilising the services of feeder facilities in the region is essential given the complexity of the multiple destinations in the adjoining countries and this week container line Evergreen has announced that it will be tying up with United Feeder Services (UFS) to operate its new East Black Sea (EBS) shipping service.

Port rotation on the new routing which started from Piraeus on Monday with the sailing of the BFP Melody is Istanbul, Poti and Novorossiysk before the return to Piraeus. The two partners are operating a pair of vessels on the route with the 1,155 TEU Murat K working in tandem with the 971 TEU BFP Melody. In addition, the EBS service will offer a second weekly Evergreen call at Novorossiysk; the other already provided by the line’s BSF service, which also links the Russian port with Istanbul and Piraeus.

Evergreen says Poti is a significant addition to its global port network serving Georgia and strategically placed to service surrounding territories such as South West Russia, North Eastern Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, Georgia provides a natural corridor to the markets of neighbouring countries thanks to its improved road and rail connections.  

Evergreen says it has been encouraged to develop its connections in the region following the IMF's World Economic Outlook report published in March which forecast Georgia to attain economic growth rates of 6% this year