Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Container Line Agrees to Open New Freight and Logistics Terminal

French Box Carrier Signs Memorandum of Agreement
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – ANGOLA – French container line CMA CGM is to expand its African interests having just signed a ‘logistics memorandum of agreements’ with the Multiparques Group. The deal was signed in Paris last month in the presence of the French and Angola Foreign Affairs Ministers, Mr. Laurent Fabius and Mr. George Rebelo Pinto Chicoti. The plan is to develop a freight and logistics terminal before the end of 2015 to extend the group’s influence and business interests in Angola.

The CMA CGM Group with its brands CMA CGM and Delmas is present in all 43 African countries, having 72 offices with 26 direct African container services, 15 of them serving West Africa. To strengthen the box carriers network in the region CMA CGM intends to invest in more intermodal projects. Alexis Michel, CMA CGM Group Logistics and Reefer Senior Vice President explains the reasons behind the new arrangement:

“Lobito is Angola's second port, and its location, and train transportation connections, make it a strategic entry point in West Africa. This not only allows Benguela and Huambo, two major Angola cities, service, but also thanks to the new railroad renovation, to link the city to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia Copperbelt mining region to the sea. Those different elements promise the Port of Lobito to a great intermodal future.”

The Port of Lobito was privatised by the Angolan government in 2005 when it awarded Multiterminais a 20-year lease to manage development of the facilities there. Multiparques is a sister company of the port management outfit charged with terminal development and everyday running of port affairs.

Photo: An old picture of the quay at Lobito around thirty years ago.