Monday, April 7, 2014

Container Freight Carrier Extends a Long Pedigree in Ocean Shipping of New Car Exports

Japanese Line Continues to Expand its NAFTA Trade Portfolio
Shipping News Feature

US – MEXICO – JAPAN – Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has announced the commencement of new car carrier services for shipping vehicles being produced in Mexico to ports in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region. Better known by many for container freight shipments MOL has a substantial fifty year pedigree in ocean car transportation and points out that, in recent years, many car manufacturers have been aggressive in building and enlarging plants in Mexico with estimates that automobile production will increase by more than 10% per year for the next several years. Around 3 million vehicles were produced in Mexico in 2013, about 80% of which were exported.

MOL clearly believes that this trend shows signs of continuing, and has therefore instituted the new services from both the East and West Coast of Mexico to the United States, the largest destination of Mexican made vehicles. For the service from east coast of Mexico to the east coast of the US, Nissan Motor Car Carrier and World Logistics Service (USA), both MOL Group companies, have joined forces to provide weekly shuttle services with three car carrier vessels from Veracruz, Mexico, to ports in Jacksonville-FL, Brunswick-GA, Baltimore-MD, Newark-NJ, and Davisville-RI in the United States.

The initial shipment on the new routes was done by MV Cosmos Ace (46,346 GT; capacity: 4,100 units) which sailed from Veracruz in March 2014, shortly followed by the MV Harmony Ace (47,519 GT; capacity: 4,800 units) and MV World Spirit (37,949 GT; capacity: 3,200 units). Now MOL says it will launch new car carrier services from the west coast of Mexico to the west coast of North America to offer transport from Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, to San Diego-CA, Richmond- CA, Portland-OR, and Tacoma-WA in the United States, and New Westminster-BC in Canada which is planned to be a weekly service for some regions.