Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Container Feeder Shipping Group Expands Short Sea Service

New Route for Unifeeder
Shipping News Feature

DENMARK – FRANCE – RUSSIA – When we announced the sale of container feeder operation Unifeeder in April, we predicted the future might be bright for the short sea operator with work for the box shipping outfit likely to increase. Now the asset light carrier has announced a new weekly service from Dunkerque to St Petersburg, tying in via Rotterdam to the rest of the company’s network.

Unifeeder, and many others, believe that the short sea option is a more environmentally acceptable solution to the markets it serves, whether compared to road or even rail haulage, and the company makes much of the fact that France, as a country, is showing an increased green focus with the introduction of the new ECO-tax on all French road transport.

The new service will commence in November and will mean the first time the company has had representation in France with the appointment of the long established AMR-Agence Maritime Rommel S.A., whose managing director, Patrick Guermeur, said he was looking forward to a close cooperation between the two. With the new Dunkerque service, Unifeeder will also introduce reefer containers as an option for the food industry for this specific corridor and Unifeeder’s Simon H. Galsgaard, Director of Shortsea Services, commented:

“We know that there is a big demand for reefer containers and we are therefore ready to offer high quality food graded equipment on the new service. After a great success with the opening of our Antwerp to St. Petersburg service in the beginning of 2012 and with increasing cargo volumes from France, we feel confident that there is a highly interesting market in France.”

Photo: The quayside at Dunkerque. From an original ex Wikimedia Commons, courtesy of photographer Rémi Jouan.