Friday, October 15, 2010

Container Feeder Service Begins Shipping Into St Petersburg

Sea Connect Opens New Service from Rotterdam
Shipping News Feature

LITHUANIA – NETHERLANDS – ESTONIA – RUSSIA - Lithuanian based feeder operator Sea Connect have started to run a new service joining Rotterdam with the Muuga Container Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia. The company has recently invested in new containers purchased in China and just a few weeks ago chartered a new 900 TEU container vessel, the Meera, to support the companies existing services between Rotterdam, Hamburg and St Petersburg on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic is a favoured destination for the feeder companies who are seeing an increasing market share as more companies commission studies of their freight mile/tonne costs in both financial and environmental terms and begin to favour the ‘portcentric’ concept first proposed by the PD Ports group.

Sea Connect have several modern 700 TEU ice class 1A containerships equipped with 150-200 reefer plugs each available which can carry customers containers as well as the line’s own equipment which includes 20 foot to 45 foot units. Sea Connect say they saw a gap in the market as the only current service operator, Tschudi Lines, Norwegian owned but headquartered in Tallinn, operates only once a week between Rotterdam and Tallinn and the new service will offer a four to five day transit time which they say can save up to 2 days, with the trip from Holland to St Petersburg taking three to five days dependent on schedule.

Photo :- MV Borussia Dortmund a Sea Connect Finnish 1A Ice Class vessel capable of carrying 700 TEU with 144 reefer plugs.