Monday, July 7, 2014

Computer Software Development Key to Fork Lift Truck Systems in Warehouse and Parking

Manufacturer Acquires IT Firm as Airport Trials Revolutionary System
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – UK – Jungheinrich, which did such a good job sponsoring last week’s UKWA bash, has finally announced it has fully acquired warehouse management systems software company ISA-Innovative, in which it has held a significant shareholding since 2009. The fork truck producer views the development of an independent software facility key to staying in front of next generation truck production and says acquiring full control of ISA, Jungheinrich has expanded its software capabilities significantly. Steve Richmond, director of Jungheinrich UK Ltd’s Systems & Projects Division, commented:

“This is an excellent strategic move for our company. Software solutions such as warehouse management systems and materials flow systems are a crucial component of any materials handling solution and critical to any project’s success – regardless of whether the solution is manual, semi-automated or fully-automated.

“Software is the heartbeat of modern intralogistics solutions and we now own that core competence which means we can supply an entire suite of software and provide the 24/7 support to ensure that it operates at optimum efficiency.”

Another piece of news from the German fork lift truck scene concerns Ray, an autonomous reach truck with one dedicated purpose, to park your car, safely and efficiently. In Dusseldorf airport around 250 spaces have been reserved to trial the system, Premium Plus, which involves Ray sensing everything about your pride and joy before sliding his twin double forks either side of your front and rear tyres. Then it’s simply a matter of lifting a few centimetres and driving away to park the motor.

The system uses a laser scanner to take three dimensional measurements of the target car in seconds before detecting the drivers input details. A simple scan of the QR code into an app or the printing of a ticket completes the owner’s tasks and he or she can simply walk away whilst the car disappears off into the parking garage.

Upon arrival back on the pre-ordained flight the car is waiting at a transfer station facing the right way and ready to leave once driver identification has been verified by the computer. Dusseldorf airport has put together two easy to follow videos 1)   2)   for drivers who wish to use the system.

Ray is the brainchild of German based Serva Transport Systems and the real beauty of the system is that it can be retrofitted into an existing garage, saving space normally reserved for all those passenger walkways etc. Ray not only parks the cars but automatically arranges the facility for optimum storage, compensating when informed of late arrivals etc. by delayed passengers who can update their details remotely.