Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cold Chain Specialists in Freight and Shipping Support Services Introduce Better Management

New Protocols will Insure Customers against Counterfeit and Contaminated Products
Shipping News Feature

US – WORLDWIDE – Carrier Transicold, a name synonymous with cold chain support services to the freight industry has launched its new CareMAX™ programme, a comprehensive refrigerant management recognition programme for its authorised service centres. Carrier Transicold aims to constantly improve global transport and shipping of temperature-controlled cargoes in the supply chain with a complete line of equipment including refrigerated trucks, trailers and containers.

Short for 'Carrier Refrigerant Management Excellence', the CareMAX programme establishes what the company describes as industry-leading protocols to help Carrier Transicold’s more than 400 container service centres better manage refrigerants and refrigerant supplies. CareMAX protocols cover all stages of refrigerant handling, from procurement and testing, to storage and decanting, including maintenance of refrigerant handling tools and training of service technicians who handle refrigerants.

The programme aims to help the container shipping industry’s cold chain service and support sector, which has been adversely affected in recent years by issues related to refrigerant contamination and counterfeiting. One of the key CareMAX Refrigerant Management Excellence – 2 programme goals is to reduce the opportunity for counterfeit or contaminated refrigerant to enter the service channel. As Michael Dormer, General Manager, Global Container Services, explains:

“These issues bolstered the need for a higher level of accountability for refrigerant handling. The CareMAX initiative provides a framework to help Carrier-authorised service providers implement consistent procedures that assure refrigerant used with customer assets being serviced is in keeping with purity specifications set by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s AHRI-700 standard. We believe that Carrier’s leadership in developing this programme can serve as a model for others in the refrigeration service sector.

“By using Carrier-authorised service centres, especially those recognised by the CareMAX programme, equipment owners and operators can be confident their assets will be serviced by experts committed to maintaining the highest levels of refrigerant quality.”

Participating service centres will need to successfully pass an audit conducted by Carrier Transicold’s global service organisation before the service centre will be authorised to use and display the CareMAX logo. Dormer concludes:

“Customers who see the CareMAX logo will know that the service centre adheres to high standards of refrigerant handling and management. In varying degrees, Carrier service centres already have refrigerant handling programmes in place and may already meet many of the CareMAX qualifications. Our objective is to work with all of them to raise awareness of the issues surrounding responsible refrigerant handling and to formalise their refrigerant management programmes.”