Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coalition To Cut Training Places For Transport And Logistics Trainees

Australian Trucking Association Weigh up the Options
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – With the UK election done and dusted and the public, and politicians, starting to get used to the first coalition government in over 60 years, the situation in Australia gives an observer a distinct feeling of déjà vu. With a resident Labor administration advocating public spending, an election due by next April at the latest, and the opposition a sometimes uncomfortable alliance of two centre right parties (Liberal and National), shipping and commercial transport interests are studying manifesto’s anxiously.

The incumbent administration believes their Productivity Places Programme has led to real jobs and now the Australian Trucking Association has pointed out the success the scheme has had in the commercial transport sector. Transport and logistics certificates, such as training in truck driving and warehousing, were the second most popular courses in the programme with 19% of graduates taking them. 51 per cent of the people who completed transport and logistics courses found employment or moved on to further study and 86 per cent said they were satisfied with the training.

If elected, the Federal Coalition plan a Government spending reduction plan to carve out A$24.7 billion and claim they would save A$1.1 billion over four years by shutting down the Productivity Places Program, which aims to provide 711,000 training courses to Australians over 5 years.

Photo: Courtesy of Smiths Training Services, Australia.