Monday, December 7, 2009

CMA CGM Explore Alternative Ways For Shipping To Be More Green

Innovations Not Just Limited to Ship Design
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – Whilst a number of the big shipping lines, notably NYK and MOL, are proposing new green ship designs for their next generation of container and carrier vessels, French line CMA CGM are exploring a number of alternative means so as to improve the environmental image of sea freight.

In addition to commissioning new, more efficient container ships, CMA CGM are looking at how manufacturing improvements in containers themselves can make carbon-savings by the use of new materials.

The group has invested heavily in bamboo floored containers, which now make up around 10% of their container holdings. These replace the traditional tropical hard wood floorings, supplies of which are increasingly stressed by exploitation. Bamboo, a fast growing and extremely common grass, is easily sustainable and common all around the globe.

CMA CGM has also since 2008 been introducing more light steel containers which CMA CGM states saves a 10,000 TEU ship up to two tonnes of fuel consumption a day due to their lighter weight.

They have also introduced a 2,000-strong fleet of a new reefer container that utilise low energy motors which reduce electricity and fuel consumption by up to 3 times that of other designs.

Jacques R. Saadé, Chairman of CMA CGM’s board, says that: “When it comes to protecting the environment, especially the marine environment, I expect our performance in this area to be something we can all be proud of.

“This is why we have defined a very strict environmental strategy, which I am asking all staff members, both sea-going and sedentary, to support.

“In this regard, CMA CGM has to set an example in all aspects of its business, not just in its financial performance. This is a genuine commitment that we are all making together.”

(pic: Bamboo floored ‘ecocontainer’)