Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clarke Inc Logistics Sector Revenue Down and Imperial Holdings Follow

Shipping and Transport Figures Mirror Rest of Freight Industry
Shipping News Feature

CANADA – SOUTH AFRICA - Clarke Inc, the Halifax, Nova Scotia based group whose activities range from oil tank manufacture to ferries, announced figures this month which illustrate the current hardship facing logistics operations. The shipping and transport sections of the group show a $12.6 million fall in revenue for the second quarter to June 2009 against the same period in the preceding year.

The freight transportation parts of the company show a decrease in revenue of 22% for the same period whereas the groups decline overall was only in the region of 10% showing the disparity of the logistics operations compared with the other sectors.

Clarke has recently rationalised segments of its business by divesting the group of certain assets, namely its Home Décor business and the British Columbian properties of the Home in Motion Income fund. It seems however resolute in retaining its interests in the transport sector.

Meanwhile Imperial Holdings, the largest transport and logistics operation in Africa, reported similar woes. The groups European sector showed a sharp downturn in business in the first six months of this year but the CEO Mr Hubert Brody is confident that the region is “past the worst” and he felt able to state that he had noted signs of recovery in this part of the business.