Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese Rail Freight Expected To Continue To Surge In 2010

Minister Predicts Increased Tonnages for This Year
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – In contrast to their American brethren, China’s railways are experiencing solid growth with yet more projected. China’s Minister for Railways, Liu Zhijun, has predicted that the country’s rail network will haul 3.5 billion tonnes of freight in 2010, up by some 5.4 percent on this years record breaking figure of 3.32 billion tonnes.

At a national railways work conference in Beijing last week, the minister said that China now had 86,000 kilometres of railway in operation, with another 33,000 kms under construction.

In 2009 China is reported to have invested approximately $88 billion in the national railways, and the Ministry of Railways is talking of further investment in the coming years of some $308 billion in further developments

The numbers are of course dependant on continued growth in the Chinese economy but are a clear indication of the Chinese governments desire to modernise the country and create the necessary conditions for continued and increased prosperity.