Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chilean Earthquake's Effect on Ports and Logistics Facilities

Review of Damage on Freight Handling Areas
Shipping News Feature

CHILE – The huge earthquake that struck Chile on Saturday has dramatically affected a number of the key freight and logistic handling facilities that serve the country and which will impede international efforts to assist with relief efforts.

Current information indicates that whilst the country’s northern ports are operating fine, a number of other areas are closed due to damage and under curfew conditions due to problems with rioting.

Here is a summary of the latest information available to us:

CENTRAL PORTS: QUINTERO/LAS VENTANAS: A number of piers are out of action due to damage, though port still has some operations running and repairs will see increasing service restored over the next two weeks.

SAN ANTONIO/VALPARASIO: Partially operative with some piers under evaluation for damage.

SOUTHERN/CENTRAL PORTS: A curfew is in operation in this area and most ports /terminals are closed due to Tsunami and serious port damage. Details are not fully available at this time.

LIRQUEN: Pier No.2 and mobile crane operative. Container yard operative.

TALCAHUANO/ CAP PIER: Reported as totally inoperative with assessment of damage unavailable.

SAN VICENTE: 2 of 3 berths with damage and still under economical evaluation. 1 berth could be operative during the next few days.

CORONEL: Both piers operative, 1 Gantry crane with damage.

CABO FROWARD: Out of service and damage under evaluation.

SOUTHERN PORTS: PUERTO MONTT AND CALBUCO: Working under normal conditions

CORRAL: Expected to be operating in 3 days.

PATAGONIA (Punta Arenas, Terminals):Working under normal conditions.

In addition Santiago International Airport is currently running restricted services but expects to return to 24 hour operations for incoming and outgoing flights by the 5th of March.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to assist in this catastrophe can do so at the Red Cross.