Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chile Customs Officials Call Indefinite Strike

Freight and Transport Liable to be Severely Hit
Shipping News Feature
CHILE – The National Association of Customs Officers of Chile (ANFACH) has called an indefinite strike from today, Wednesday 24 May, by which will affect all Chilean ports, airports and borders in the country. The strike will begin at 0800 local time until further notice and is anticipated to cause that serious delays to all freight and cargo with the exception of critical humanitarian shipments.

Over 1,900 customs officials will be striking across the country over allegations that the government is failing to honour previous agreements on pay and working conditions. The current strike follows several years of dispute, with strike action being taken last year in October and November which hit the country’s imports and exports severely, though generally for short duration. Expressing his concern over the decision to strike, the President of Bolivia’s Heavy Transport Chamber, Gustavo Rivadeneira, said:

“We are again concerned that the strike that customs officials have announced. This conflicts with the provision of the international cargo service and causes great economic losses to our transport sector and to importers and exporters.”