Thursday, June 23, 2011

CHEP Wins Another Pallet Logistics Contract

Blue Pallets for Eagle Eye
Shipping News Feature

USA – Arizona-based Eagle Eye Produce, a top grower and shipper of potatoes, onions, watermelons and vegetables has signed a new multi-year contract with CHEP, whose famous blue pallets will now be used for Eagle Eyes logistics and transporting its Famous Idaho brand potatoes, of which almost 300,000 tonnes are shipped every year.

Eagle Eye Produce converted from a pallet exchange system to the CHEP pooling program to meet customer demands for a reliable shipping platform and is stated to be experiencing several benefits from the move, including lower costs, productivity improvements and a reduction in product damage.

Shane Thomas, COO of Eagle Eye Produce, said:

“The CHEP program is providing Eagle Eye Produce cost reductions and increased efficiency across our facilities. The CHEP pallet is made to high quality standards and our customers appreciate not having to worry about the shipping platform when receiving our produce.”

Thomas added that environmental sustainability was increasingly important to Eagle Eye Produce and its customers, and that the CHEP program helped with their efforts. Based on third-party life-cycle inventory analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system, each year Eagle Eye Produce is reducing solid waste generation by about 15 tonnes, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 11 tonnes and saving enough energy to power 19 homes with electricity.

CHEP USA Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer Brian Malloy said: “As a major grower/shipper, Eagle Eye Produce wants to ensure all of its shipments arrive at their customer destinations in the same condition as when they left the shipping dock. CHEP works to provide the supply chain to make this happen for every pallet load, and helps drive productivity and sustainability efforts along the way.”