Monday, August 20, 2012

Chance to Buy Historic Items of Britain's Bulk Cargo Shipping Heritage as Freight Firm Founders

Fire Sale of Memorabilia and Domain Names of Company Formed in 1730
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE - It may seem somewhat ghoulish but the chance to purchase an item of memorabilia for what was reputedly Britain’s oldest shipping company may prove irresistible to many in the freight trade, particularly those with long memories. Just the other day, we wrote of the demise of Stephenson Clarke Shipping, the short sea bulk cargo ship operator, which has foundered on the latest economic reef having survived in one guise or another for two hundred and seventy plus years.

The fact that the company was established at the time of George ll has meant there are numerous articles stowed away which the joint liquidators, Gordon Goldie and Allan Kelly of Tait Walker Corporate Recovery, feel may interest collectors giving them the opportunity to reimburse some creditors. It is not all history however with the very name ‘Stephenson Clarke Shipping Limited’ and the rights to a number of domain names including ‘’, ‘’ and ‘, all up for grabs.

Memorabilia associated with the company including approximately ten model ships (presented to SCS by the shipbuilders), historic photographs of SCS ships and maps are also available for purchase. SCS has been through many guises since it was first established - known as Stephenson Clarke & Co in 1865, Stephen Clarke & Associated Companies Limited in 1928 (when the current corporate entity was incorporated) with a number of names changes over the period to date. The company, which employed nine people, had sought to reduce costs and the fleet had been sold off over the last couple of years, culminating in the sale of the last remaining vessel in July 2012. Allan Kelly of Tait Walker Corporate Recover said:

“It is with great regret that the company has had to cease trading – the prolonged global economic downturn has seen the shipping market severely affected through excess market capacity and low freight income, which together with the broader economic recession left little alternative but to place SCS into liquidation. By selling off the remaining assets management hope it will not only serve as a way of paying back some of SCS’s creditors but it will also help keep the company’s history alive for years to come.”

Further details including photographs of the memorabilia will be uploaded onto the Tait Walker website or can be obtained direct from Tait Walker. The deadline for receipt of offers is 5pm on Friday 25 August 2012 and it is the intention to complete the sale shortly after this date.

For further information, please contact Allan Kelly, Kerry Pearson or Katy Jewitt of Tait Walker Corporate Recovery on 0191 285 0321. Anyone wishing to submit an offer should do so in writing by fax, to 0191 284 9117, for the attention of Allan Kelly or email to

Pictured is a tea set bearing the company emblem and (inset) a set of bulk tank Calibration Tables for the mv Donnington from 1975.